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vendredi 31 janvier 2014




I planned to write a little note so you can seize the business opportunities for this New Year 2014 which is already ending with its first month.
I hope you have made new resolutions to get free from financial bondage and take over the well-being of both you and your family.
Whether you own a business or are employed, the income is almost insufficient to satisfy your needs and give birth to your projects too.
I do believe that the necessity of a second job or a second business take place if you and I want to reach our goals and even give hope to young people – “Nothing is impossible” always preaches one of the richest man in Africa Mr El Hadj DANGOTE.
Network Marketing mostly called MLM gives response to this issue. It doesn’t only give a financial solution to this issue but it also strengthens people, gathers them and raises their leadership up.
Much MLM exist and run round the internet. It is important to know why you must join one or other one because we aim to get free from financial bondage.
I found a group of people worldwide in an online platform that is doing something great, special and more than network marketing.

This group is “THE LIFE CHANGERS (TLC)”

1. TLCG was created 13 years ago by Clem Turner while TLC was initiated 2012 by Anthony Basil.  
TLCG is the NGO and TLC is the networking organization founder to generate more money for the less- privileged and give financial freedom to members.

2. TLC is from Grenada but initiated the NGO in France.

3. TLCG is registered officially in Grenada,Ghana,Nigeria,India and the UK.

4. TLCG offices are presently in India  and  Nigeria
Address in India is Mangko Hq Village, Tuensang Nagaland, India.
Address in Nigeria is 7th avenue AA close,house 6,Festac town,lagos Nigeria.

5. TLCG is both an NGO  and a limited liability company.

They associated a marketing system with social investment. It means that they manage the benefits they raise from the business plan they initiated to help less privileged people and children worldwide, give financial compensation to members that join the group and gather people with the missions the group is assigned to. The innovation is that not only financial compensation is given to members but also they’re awarded with brand new cars, apartment, house and loan at 0% interest to finance their personal projects.

How it works?       
-      Join the TLC by registering with a sponsor ID
You have then a Username, a password and a transaction password
-      Activate your account by paying the lifetime and unique payment of $ 50 USD (directly with Perfectmoney).

If you don't have balance in Perfectmoney, you can contact your sponsor and he will give you directives (by giving you the sponsor ID and the Leg's ID) to get your account activated.

- 5$ sponsorship bonus
                - 2$ bonus for every new member

   * NEW: To ease the activation process for all members worldwide, TLC allows now member to get e-wallet by transfering the money to its bank in UK. So anyone can become  a member of TLC. Here is the process (1- Send the amount of ewallet you want to credit your account to the TLC Bank account (TLB), ask for details. 2- Then send a copy of the receipt to 3- Tell in the mail, you complete name and your TLC username or ID. 4- You will get the equivalent eWallet money in your TLC account within 72hrs).   VERY SIMPLE. Whether you live in US or in a country where Perfectmoney cannot be used.

-    Now, you can start gathering people to join the group and register through your username which is now the sponsor ID for your friends.
The system is based on binary system which means that you grow on two feet (you only need a minimum of 2 persons to grow). And if you’re very smart, your team can grow faster if you refer more than 2 persons.
-      You get notifications and payment as soon as you reach a level.
Levels start from Newbie to Expert.

The submission of project for finance is at level 3 and earnings are instant payment. The group allows you to ask for an international card for ATM withdraws of your earnings wherever you live.  

Get paid has never been so easy. No other fees are required. With your one time investment, you get a lifetime earnings as long as your team grows.    

Nimbuzz: doltogo
Sponsor IDs:(choose one)
    - dolagate
    - stinagate90
    - elimiva84 
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